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Laperriere Takes Slapshot to the Face

admin April 23, 2010 NHL 3 Comments

April 22, 2010 –Adam Steevens

Scary moment during Philadelphia’s dominating 5-game series win over the Devils – Ian Laperriere goes down to block a shot from Paul Martin and the puck strikes him right above his left eye. (Warning: graphic video. Not for the squeamish)

“The Flyers lost shot blocker extraordinaire Ian Laperriere 3:56 into the third after he took a puck in the face when he went down to block a shot from the point by Martin with his team killing their sixth Devils’ power-play of the game. {NHL.com}”

The cut would require 60-70 stitches, but Laperriere swore that he’d “never play without a visor again” after this injury.

“I walked back into the medical room and I couldn’t see anything,’’ Laperriere said. “It’s not a good feeling. I want to see my kids with both of my eyes (as) they grow up. It took this to make me realize I need to wear a shield (to avoid) making a stupid mistake again.” {Philly Burbs}

He’ll have some time to recover, as Philadelphia was the first of all teams to advance to the Semi-finals, but no word yet on whether or not Ian Laperriere will be in the lineup for the Flyers in the next round.

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  1. Bill April 23, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    LaPierrer shot to the face.

    (Warning: graphic video. Not for the squeamish)

    GRAPHIC ? What is there to get “squeamish” about ???????????

    This isn’t ping-pong their playing. .


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