Reebok’s Crosby Ad: Faked?

Between the everpresent (and slightly annoying) Reezig ads to the RBK Edge uniforms all NHL teams are wearing, the athletic apparel giant has left an indelible mark on the modern game of hockey. They’ve become experts at manufacturing hype for their athletes, and they frequently kick out viral videos like this one – where NHL star Sidney Crosby showcases his shooting prowess by moving the net onto its mooring with only his slapshot. But is the video faked? You be the judge:

I’m thinking this was doctored just a little bit. Hey, don’t get me wrong, Sid has an absolute cannon, but the net seems a little too jumpy, even without being totally secured to the moorings. If it’s actually legit, though, how incredible would that be? And if Crosby could do that to a regulation goal, I wonder if Shea Weber could do the same thing (he of net-snapping-Olympic fame).

Either case, Reebok is totally free to fly me out to Pittsburgh and see Sid duplicate this stunt in person.